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What Is The Full Form Of GMAT?

What Is The Full Form Of GMAT? Full Form Of GMAT Is Graduate Management Admission Test Some Details About GMAT The GMAT, that stands for the graduate management admission check, may be a standardized check meant to live a check taker’s ability in arithmetic, verbal skills, and analytical writing. The GMAT is most ordinarily used because the primary examination reviewed by business colleges to realize entrance into AN Master in Business Administration program. Dear Visitor, hope liked… Read More »

What Is The Full Form Of B.Tech?

What Is The Full Form Of B.Tech? Full Form Of B.Tech Is Bachelor of Technology Some Details About B.Tech The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is a professional undergraduate engineering degree program offered to candidates after completing four years of study in the field. This graduate program is your gateway to a career in engineering. While… Read More »

What Is The Full Form Of HSC?

What Is The Full Form Of HSC? Full-Form Of  HSC Is Higher Secondary Certificate Some Details About HSC The Higher Secondary Certificate, also known as HSC or Intermediate or +2 examination, is a public examination taken by students of intermediate college in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and in the states of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,… Read More »

What Is The Full Form Of DNB?

What Is The Full Form Of DNB ? Full Form Of DNB Is Diplomate of National Board In Medical Some Details About DNB Diplomate of National Board  may be a Post-graduate degree same as MD/MS degree awarded to the Specialist Doctors in Republic of Indiawhen completion of 3 year residency. DNB courses square measure run and also the degrees square measure awarded by the National Board of Examinations… Read More »

What Is The Full Form Of CGPA?

What Is The Full Form Of CGPA? Full Form Of CGPA Is Cumulative Grade Point Average  Some Details About CGPA CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average of Grade Points obtained for all semesters and courses completed up to a given academic term, whereas the Grade Point Average (GPA)… Read More »

What Is The Full Form Of ITI?

What Is The Full Form Of ITI? Full Form Of  ITI Is Industrial Training Institutes Some Details About ITI Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and Industrial Training Centers are post-secondary schools in India constituted under Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Union Government to provide training in various trades. ITI Courses:  ITI… Read More »

What Is The Full Form Of NEET ?

What Is The Full Form Of NEET ? Full-Form Of  NEET Is National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test Some Details About NEET NEET full form is National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, succeeded from All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) is an entrance examination in India those student who study undergraduate medical courses (MBBS) and dental courses (BDS) in government… Read More »

What Is The Full Form Of ECE?

What Is The Full Form Of ECE? Full Form Of ECE Is Electronic and Communication Engineering Some Details About ECE ECE stands for Electronics and Communications Engineering. It is a branch of engineering that deals with the research, design, development, and testing of electronic components and engineering problems related to electronics, computers, telecommunications systems, and… Read More »