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By | April 27, 2021

Below Given Is The General Full Form List Of Different Terms

We are sharing this list of general full form, acronyms, descriptions, examples, etc. because most of us keep on searching for terms like what is the full form of, stands for, what is the meaning of, acronym for, abbreviation of, definition of, description of, example of, explanation of, etc.

So, to help you all at Get Full Form Of we are sharing here the complete list of Full Forms of Government Terms, in alphabetical and tabular format.

Here, we are also providing the description of each acronym and full form, which you can read by clicking on the description link given in the table. Data given here is collected from google.

Full Form List Of General Terms

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter A

AcronymFull FormDescription
AM Full FormAnti Meridiem Click Here
ALT Full Form Assembly Line Type Click Here
ALT Full Form Algorithmic Learning TheoryClick Here
ALT Full FormAlternate keyClick Here
ALT Full FormAssistant Language TeacherClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ALT Full Form  Approach and Landing Test Click Here
AD Full FormAnno Domini Click Here
AICC Full Form All India Congress Committee Click Here
ASAP Full FormAs Soon As PossibleClick Here
AKM Full FormAvtomat Kalashnikova ModernizirovannyClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ACSR Full Form  Aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable  Click Here
ARPU Full Form Average revenue per user Click Here
AFFF Full FormAqueous film-forming foam Click Here
APBS Full FormAadhaar Payments Bridge SystemClick Here
AITUC Full FormAll India Trade Union Congress Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ANI Full FormAsian News International Click Here
ATK Full FormAtlético de Kolkata Click Here
 ALGOL Full FormAlgorithmic LanguageClick Here
AMV Full Form Anime Music VideoClick Here
ADL Full FormActivities of Daily Living Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
AIFF Full Form All India Football Federation. Click Here
ACC Full FormAutoclaved aerated concrete Click Here
AD Full Form Anno DominiClick Here
AGMUT Full FormArunachal Pradesh-Goa-Mizoram and Union Territories Click Here
 AFI Full FormAmniotic fluid indexClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
APK Full Form Android Application Package Click Here
ABP Full Form Ananda Bazar Patrika Click Here
AAT Full FormArchitecture Aptitude Test.Click Here
AGMUT Full FormAcute Renal FailureClick Here
apj abdul kalam full formAvul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul KalamClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
AED CURRENCY FULL FORMUnited Arab Emirates DirhamClick Here
APJ Full FormAvul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul KalamClick Here
APA Full FormAmerican Psychological AssociationClick Here
AGMUT Full FormClick Here
apj abdul kalam full formClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter B

AcronymFull FormDescription
BYE Full Form  Be with you every timeClick Here
BASF Full Form Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik  Click Here
BTS Full FormBangtan SonyeondanClick Here
BFS Full FormBreadth-first searchClick Here
BIS Full Form Bureau of Indian StandardsClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
BBC Full Form British Broadcasting CorporationClick Here
BAR Full Form Broadcast Advertisers Report Click Here
BAE Full FormBefore Anyone ElseClick Here
BRT Full FormBus Rapid Transit Click Here
 BNC connector Full Form Bayonet Neill Concelman connectorClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
 BOLO Full Formbe on the lookoutClick Here
BAP Full FormBest Aquaculture Practices Click Here
BAPS Full FormBochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam SansthaClick Here
BTS Full FormBangTan Sonyeondan / Beyond The SceneClick Here
 BTS Full FormBaptist Theological Seminary Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
BPD Full FormBiparietal diameterClick Here
BMI Full FormBody Mass IndexClick Here
BGM Full FormBackground MusicClick Here
BODMAS Full FormBracket, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition and SubtractionClick Here
 BC Full FormBefore ChristClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
BCM Full FormBillion Cubic MetersClick Here
BOPP Full FormBiaxially Oriented PolyPropylene FilmsClick Here
BHU Full FormBhavnagar AirportClick Here
Full FormClick Here
 BC Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter C

AcronymFull FormDescription
CEAT Full Form Cavi Elettrici e Affini TorinoClick Here
CFL Full FormCompact fluorescent lamp Click Here
CAE Full FormComputer-aided engineeringClick Here
CHF Full FormConfoederatio Helvetica FrancClick Here
CITS Full FormCraft Instructor TrainingClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CBS Full Form combined braking systemClick Here
CFR Full FormCost and freight Click Here
CPIN Full FormCommon Portal Identification NumberClick Here
CORE Full FormCentralized Online Real-time ExchangeClick Here
CSR Full FormCorporate social responsibility Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CPIO Full FormCentral Public Information OfficerClick Here
CPL Form FormCaribbean Premier League Click Here
CPG Form FormConsumer packaged goods Click Here
CF Form Conceptual Framework Click Here
CFI Form Certified Firearms Instructor Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CC Full Formcolor correctingClick Here
CRZ Form Form Coastal Regulation Zone Click Here
CTD Form Form Credit Transfer Document  Click Here
CRY FormCommunity Resources for Youth Click Here
CSSMFormChildren’s Special Service Mission Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CBRFull FormCalifornia bearing ratioClick Here
CSE Form FormComputer Science Engineering Click Here
CIN Full FormCorporate Identity Number  Click Here
CAT Full FormCatalanClick Here
CAT Full Form Category Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
Click Here
Form Form Click Here
CIN Full FormClick Here
CAT Full FormClick Here
CAT Full Form Click Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter D

AcronymFull FormDescription
DW Full FormDon’t WorryClick Here
DW Full FormDistilled Water Click Here
DW Full Form  Domestic And WildlifeClick Here
DDL Full Form Digital Delay LineClick Here
DCR Full Form Document Change Record Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
DJ Full FormDisc JockeyClick Here
DI Full FormDigital Intermediate Click Here
DPA Full FormData Protection ActClick Here
DDPI Full FormDeputy Director of Public InstructionClick Here
DRS Full FormDecision Review System Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
DWT Full FormDeadweight TonnageClick Here
DI Full Form
 Directed Acyclic Graph
Click Here
DOB Full Form
Date of Birth
Click Here
DTC Full FormDelhi Transport CorporationClick Here
DRS Full Form
Click Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter E

AcronymFull FormDescription
EST Full Form Eastern Standard TimeClick Here
EMI Full FormEquated Monthly InstallmentClick Here
EST Full Form Environmentally Sustainable TransportationClick Here
EDITH Full FormEven Dead, I’m The HeroClick Here
ED Full FormEnforcement DirectorateClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
EDITH Full Form Even Dead, I’m The Hero Click Here
ESPN Full FormEntertainment and Sports Programming Network Click Here
ETC Full FormEt cetera Click Here
EOM Full FormEnd of MessageClick Here
EPIC Full Form  Electoral Photo Identity Card Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ECR Full FormEmigration Check Required Click Here
EDT Full FormEastern Daylight Time Click Here
EXE Full FormExecutableClick Here
EER Full FormEnergy Efficiency RatioClick Here
 ECTC Full FormExpected Cost to CompanyClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
EPABX Full FormElectronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange Click Here
ECONOMICS Full FormExcellent Conception Of Normal Or Maniacal Incidents Conditioning Society Click Here
EPC Full FormEngineering, Procurement and ConstructionClick Here
EEC Full FormEuropean Economic CommunityClick Here
EP Full Formextended playClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
EMU Full FormEven More Unemployment Click Here
eg Full Formexempli gratia Click Here
EG Full FormElectric GuitarClick Here
EQ Full FormEmotional quotientClick Here
EWC Full Form East West CenterClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
EOL Full FormExtra-Ordinary Leave Click Here
ESL Full FormEnglish as a Second LanguageClick Here
EG Full FormClick Here
EQ Full FormClick Here
EWC Full Form East West CenterClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter F

AcronymFull FormDescription
FYR Full Form For Your ReferenceClick Here
FMCG Full FormFast-Moving Consumer GoodsClick Here
Friend  Full Form first relation in earth which never dieClick Here
FYA Full Form For Your ActionClick Here
FOMO Full FormFear of Missing OutClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
FIFA Full FormFederation Internationale de Football AssociationClick Here
FAIL Full Formfirst attempt in learningClick Here
FTR  Full FormFor The RecordClick Here
FHD Full FormFull High DefinitionClick Here
FPP Full Formfaculty practice planClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
FT Full Formfeet or , footClick Here
Fax Full FormfacsimileClick Here
FSI Full FormFloor space indexClick Here
FWB Full FormFriends with benefitsClick Here
 FYIP Full FormFor Your Information PleaseClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
 FOS Full FormFollow On SupportClick Here
FIFA Full FormFédération Internationale de Football AssociationClick Here
 FLAMES Full FormFriends, Lovers, Affectionate, Marriage, Enemies, and SiblingsClick Here
FWB Full FormClick Here
 FYIP Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter G

AcronymFull FormDescription
GIF Full FormGraphics Interchange FormatClick Here
GSLV Full FormGeosynchronous Satellite Launch VehicleClick Here
GDA Full FormGolden Doodle AwardClick Here
GDA Full FormGwadar Development AuthorityClick Here
GB ROAD Full Form Garstin Bastion RoadClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
GOD Full FormG- Generator(Brahma) O-Operator(Vishnu) D-Destroyer(Shankar)Click Here
GI Full FormGalvanised IronClick Here
GMT Full FormGreenwich Mean TimeClick Here
GK Full FormGeneral KnowledgeClick Here
GMT Full FormGreenwich Mean Time. Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
GPA Full FormGrade Point AverageClick Here
GA Full FormGroup AddressClick Here
GRIHA Full FormGreen Rating for Integrated Habitat AssessmentClick Here
GYM Full FormGymnasiumClick Here
GS Full FormGames Started Click Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter H

AcronymFull FormDescription
Hotel Full FormHospitality Organization Tourismenjoy LifeClick Here
HR Full FormHouse Rent AllowanceClick Here
HBO Full FormHome Box OfficeClick Here
HCF Full Formhighest common factorClick Here
HSN Full Form Harmonized System of NomenclatureClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
HUF Full FormHindu Undivided FamilyClick Here
HSS Full FormHollow structural sectionsClick Here
HFSS Full FormHigh frequency structure simulatorClick Here
HMS Full FormHer Majesty’s ShipClick Here
HOF Full FormHead of FamilyClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
HR Full FormHuman resourcesClick Here
HDTC Full FormHigh Definition TelecineClick Here
HRC Full FormHonda Racing CorporationClick Here
HMS Full FormClick Here
HOF Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter I

AcronymFull FormDescription
ISIN Full FormInternational Securities Identification NumberClick Here
IIC Full FormInternal Investigation Command Click Here
I’d Full Form I hadClick Here
I’d Full FormI wouldClick Here
ICC Full FormInternational Cricket CouncilClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ISSN Full Form International Standard Serial NumberClick Here
IFFI Full FormInternational Film Festival of IndiaClick Here
ITA Full FormInvitation to ApplyClick Here
INRI Full FormIesus Nazarenus, Rex IudaeorumClick Here
IDLE Full FormIntegrated Development and Learning EnvironmentClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
IIRC Full FormIf I Remember CorrectlyClick Here
IANS Full FormIndo-Asian News ServiceClick Here
ITCZ Full FormThe Intertropical Convergence ZoneClick Here
IDEA Full Form International Data Encryption AlgorithmClick Here
IKR Full FormI know, rightClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ICC Full FormInternational Cricket CouncilClick Here
india full form it doesn’t have any full formClick Here
ISMC full formIndian Standard Medium Weight ChannelClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter J

AcronymFull FormDescription
JE Full Form Jump If EqualClick Here
Click Here
Click Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter K

AcronymFull FormDescription
KGF Full FormKolar Gold FieldsClick Here
KUV Full FormKool Utility VehicleClick Here
KPA Full FormKey Process AnalysisClick Here
KRA Full FormKey Result AreaClick Here
KISS Full Formkeep it simple, stupidClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
KCC Full FormKisan Credit Card Click Here
KVK Full FormKrishi Vigyan KendraClick Here
KSR Full FormKrantivira Sangolli RayannaClick Here
KOT Full FormKitchen Order Tickets.Click Here
KGF FULL FORM MOVIEKolar Gold FieldsClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter L

AcronymFull FormDescription
LASER Full Form Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of RadiationClick Here
LDO Full Form low-dropout Click Here
LWP Full FormLightweight Water PurifierClick Here
LDO Full FormLight diesel oilClick Here
LBW Full FormLeg Before WicketClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
LPG Full FormLiquefied Petroleum GasClick Here
LSR Full FormLogical Shift RightClick Here
LMFAO Full FormLaughing My Fucking Ass OffClick Here
LIP Full Form limited liability partnershipClick Here
LIG Full FormLow Income GroupClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
LSL Full FormLess Container LoadClick Here
LT Full FormlieutenantClick Here
LP Full Formlong-playing recordClick Here
LOVE Full FormLOVE actually does not have any full formClick Here
LB Full FormLeg BreakClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter M

AcronymFull FormDescription
MO Full Formmodus operandiClick Here
MFA Full Form  Multi-Fibre Agreement Click Here
MCB Full FormMiniature Circuit BreakerClick Here
MPR Full Form Mockup Purchase RequestClick Here
MPR Full FormManagement Program ReviewClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MDP Full FormMost Discussed Problem Click Here
MPT Full Form Mormugao Port Trust   Click Here
MATHS Full FormMentally Affected Teachers Harrasing StudentsClick Here
MATHS Full Form Mathematical Anti Telharsic Harfatum SeptominClick Here
MMTS Full FormMulti-Modal Transport SystemClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MTD Full FormMonth to dateClick Here
MTPA Full FormMillion Tonnes Per AnnumClick Here
MCSA Full FormMidwest Collegiate Ski and Snowboard AssociationClick Here
MMCT Full FormMaster of Media and Creative Technologies
MAAC Full FormMaya Academy of Advanced CinematicsClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MAP Full Form Married Accommodation ProjectClick Here
MRT Full FormMass Rapid TransitClick Here
MIG Welding Full FormMetal Inert Gas WeldingClick Here
MDRT Full FormMillion Dollar Round Table Click Here
MIP Full FormMonthly Income PlanClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MAP Full FormMobile Money IdentifierClick Here
MILF Full FormMother I’d Like to F***Click Here
MRN Full FormMaterial Receipt NoteClick Here
MSL Full FormMean Sea LeveClick Here
MP4 Full FormAdvanced Video CodingClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MBS Full FormMountain Board SportsClick Here
MBS Full FormMind, Body, and SpiritClick Here
MRN Full FormClick Here
MSL Full FormClick Here
MP4 Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter N

AcronymFull FormDescription
N/A Full FormNot ApplicableClick Here
NIFT Full FormNational Institute of Fashion TechnologyClick Here
NDLS Full FormNew Delhi Railway Station Click Here
NCR Full FormNational Capital RegionClick Here
NPHH Full FormNon-Priority HouseholdClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
NOTA Full FormNone of the Above Click Here
NAN Full Form Not a Number Click Here
NSQF Full FormNational Skills Qualifications FrameworkClick Here
NIS Full FormNational Institute of SportsClick Here
NOSB Full Form No Seat for Half FareClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
Noida Full FormNew Okhla Industrial Development AuthorityClick Here
NBD Full FormNo Big DealClick Here
NEWS Full FormNorth,East,West and South.Click Here
NDT Full FormNon-destructive testingClick Here
NDK Full FormNative Development KitClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
NYC Full FormNew York CityClick Here
NB Full FormNota Bene [Note Well]Click Here
NyayFull FormNyuntam Aay YojanaClick Here
NSH Full FormNational Sorting HubClick Here
NRE Full FormNon Resident RupeeClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter O

AcronymFull FormDescription
OK Full FormOlla Kalla or Oll Korrect Click Here
OMR Full Form Optical Mark Recognition Click Here
OCR Full FormOptical Character RecognitionClick Here
OOTD Full FormOutfit Of The DayClick Here
OEE Full FormOverall Equipment EffectivenessClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
OBCNCL Full FormBackward Classes-Non Creamy Layer Click Here
OHE Full Form  Over Head Equipment Click Here
OEC Full FormOther Eligible CommunitiesClick Here
OCR Full FormOptical character recognition Click Here
OVA Full FormOriginal video animation Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
OTG Full FormOven, Toaster, GrillClick Here
OTS Full Form OPEN TO SKY Click Here
OC CASTE Full FormOpen Category Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter P

AcronymFull FormDescription
POV Full Form Point of ViewClick Here
PDF Full FormPlaya del Fuego Click Here
PFA Full FormPacific Film ArchiveClick Here
PFA Full FormPacific Film ArchiveClick Here
PFA Full FormParent Faculty AssociationClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PDF Full Form portable document formatClick Here
POA Full Form Proof of Address Click Here
PPAP Full FormProduction Part Approval ProcessClick Here
PoK Full FormPakistan-occupied KashmirClick Here
PS Full FormPostscriptClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PEP  Full FormProfessional Employer PanelClick Here
PEP  Full FormPositive Enhanced PerformanceClick Here
PEP Full FormPower Extension PackageClick Here
PVR Full FormPriya Village RoadshowClick Here
PID Full FormProcess IDentifierClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
POC Full FormProof of ConceptClick Here
PTO Full FormPlease Turn OverClick Here
PTO Full FormPaid Time OffClick Here
PM Full FormPost MeridiemClick Here
PB Full Form Protection BitClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PDCA Full Form plan–do–check–adjustClick Here
PPE Full FormPersonal protective equipmentClick Here
PNR Full Formpassenger name record Click Here
PTO Full FormPaid Time OffClick Here
PFI Full FormPharmaceutical Formulation Intermediates Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PPA Full FormPower Purchase Agreement Click Here
 P2P Full FormPeer to PeerClick Here
PQLIFull FormPhysical Quality of Life IndexClick Here
PCU Full Form Passenger Car Unit Click Here
PMR Full FormPerformance MeasurementClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
pros and cons Full Formfor and againstClick Here
PSU Full FormPublic sector undertakingsClick Here
PNR Full FormPassenger Name RecordClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter Q

AcronymFull FormDescription
QTP Full Form  QuickTest ProfessionalClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter R

AcronymFull FormDescription
RSVP Full Form Repondez s’il vous plait Click Here
RGB Full Formred, green, and blueClick Here
RIP Full FormRest In PeaceClick Here
RSVP Full FormRepondez s’il vous plaitClick Here
RP Full FormReceived PronunciationClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
RC Full FormRegistration Certificate. Click Here
RAC Full FormReservation Against CancellationClick Here
RHS Full FormRight Angle Hypotenuse SideClick Here
RRR Full FormRaghupati Raghav Rajaram Click Here
RO Full FormReverse OsmosisClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
RCB Full Form Royal Challengers BangaloreClick Here
RIP FULL FORM IN HINDI Rest in peace(मरे हुए इंसान की आत्मा को शांति पहुंचाना)Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
RAP Full FormRegistered Apprenticeship Program Click Here
RSS Full FormRashtriya Swayamsevak SanghClick Here
RTGS Full FormReal Time Gross SettlementClick Here
RCD Full FormResidual-Current Device Click Here
RIC Full FormReading In Copy.Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
RAP Full FormResearch Department eXplosive Click Here
RMG Full FormResource Management GroupClick Here
RLWL Full FormRemote Location Wait ListClick Here
RTS Full FormReal-Time StrategyClick Here
RJ Full FormRadio JockeyClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter S

AcronymFull FormDescription
STP Full FormSewage Treatment PlantClick Here
SJW Full FormSocial justice warriorClick Here
SUV Full FormSport Utility VehicleClick Here
SOP Full FormSecondary Oxygen PackClick Here
SHA Full FormSecure Hash AlgorithmClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
S/O Full Formson ofClick Here
STS Full Formsequence tagged siteClick Here
SWF Full FormSmall Web Format Click Here
SMT Full FormShrimati or Shreemati Click Here
SCN Full FormSpecification Change NoticeClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
SDF Full Form Self Declaration FormClick Here
SB Full FormScroll BarClick Here
SKD Full FormSemi Knocked Down Click Here
SITC Full FormStandard International Trade Classification Click Here
SCF Full FormSpelling Checker ConfigurationClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
SIR Full FormSport Injected RaceClick Here
sic Full FormLatin word meaning “thus,” “so,” “as such,”Click Here
SS Full FormStainless SteelClick Here
STR Full FormSeason Ticket RenewalClick Here
SEC Full FormSecondary AverageClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter T

AcronymFull FormDescription
TSM Full Form Transportation System ManagementClick Here
TIL Full FormToday I LearnedClick Here
TBH Full FormTo Be HonestClick Here
TDI Full FormTurbocharged Direct InjectionClick Here
 TYSM Full FormThank You So MuchClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
TRP Full FormTraumatic ReticuloperitonitisClick Here
TL Full FormTeam LeaderClick Here
TB Full FormTerabyteClick Here
TS Full FormTechnical SupportClick Here
TAT Full FormTurn Around TimeClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
TEA Full Form Transitional Employment AssistanceClick Here
TVC Full FormTelevision CommercialClick Here
TOD Full FormTransit Oriented DevelopmentClick Here
TRRN Full FormTemporary Return Reference NumberClick Here
TRD Full FormTraction Distribution Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
TLM Full Form Team Liquid MetalClick Here
TBD Full FormTo be determinedClick Here
TPD Full FormTotal Permanent Disability Click Here
TEAM Full FormTogether Everyone Achieves MoreClick Here
TSI Full FormTotal Skill IndexClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter U

AcronymFull FormDescription
UPA Full Form United Production of AmericaClick Here
UPA Full Form United Progressive AllianceClick Here
UFT Full FormUnified Functional TestingClick Here
UFC Full Form Ultimate Fighting Championship Click Here
UK Full FormUttarakhandClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
USD Full FormUnited States DollarClick Here
USA Full FormUnited States of AmericaClick Here
UR Full FormUNRESERVEDClick Here
UFO Full FormUnidentified Flying ObjectClick Here
USSR Full FormUnion of Soviet Socialist RepublicsClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter V

AcronymFull FormDescription
VJ Full Form video jockey Click Here
VJ Full FormVegetarian JournalClick Here
VPP Full FormValue Payable PostClick Here
VISA Full FormVisitors International Stay AdmissionClick Here
VAPT Full FormVulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
VSTS Full FormVisual Studio Team SystemClick Here
VIP Full Formvery important person

Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter W

AcronymFull FormDescription
WPM Full FormWords Per Minute Click Here
WYDM Full FormWhat Do You MeanClick Here
WTP Full FormWater Treatment Plant Click Here
WWF Full FormWorld Wide Fund for NatureClick Here
WMV Full FormWindows Media Video Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
WBM Full FormWater Bound MacadamClick Here
WMM Full FormWet Mix MacadamClick Here
WMM Full FormWiFi Multi Media Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

List of Full Form Of General Terms Starting With Letter X

AcronymFull FormDescription
XSL Full FormExtensible Stylesheet LanguageClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

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