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By | May 14, 2020

Given Below Is The List Of Full Forms Of Different Technology Terms

We are sharing this list of full forms, acronyms, descriptions, examples, etc. because most of us keep on searching for terms like what is the full form of, stands for, what is the meaning of, acronym for, abbreviation of, definition of, description of, example of, explanation of,etc.

So, to help you all at Get Full Form Of we are sharing here the complete list of Full Forms of Different Technological Terms in alphabetical and tabular format. Data Sourced & Refined From Google

Here, we are also providing the description of each acronym and full form, which you can read by clicking on the description link given in the table.

Full Form List Of Technology Terms

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter A

AcronymFull FormDescription
AMC Full FormAnnual Maintenance ContractClick Here
APL Full FormAbove Poverty LineClick Here
AHU Full FormAir Handling Unit Click Here
APT Full FormAutomatically Programmed ToolClick Here
APT Full FormAutomatic Picture TransmissionClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ATM Full FormAutomated Teller MachineClick Here
ASR Full FormAutomated Speech RecognitionClick Here
AF Full FormAuto focusClick Here
ADT Full FormAbstract Data TypeClick Here
AMT Full FormAutomated manual transmissionClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
 ADO.NET  Full FormActiveX Data ObjectClick Here
ABS Full FormAnti-lock Braking SystemClick Here
ANI Full FormAutomatic Number IdentificationClick Here
AED Full FormAutomated External DefibrillatorClick Here
AIM Full FormAOL Instant MessengerClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ALU  Full Form arithmetic-logic unit Click Here
APQP Full FormAdvanced product quality planningClick Here
AXIS Full FormApache eXtensible Interaction SystemClick Here
ASO Full FormAddress Space ObjectClick Here
ADC Full FormAnalog-to-Digital ConverterClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
AC Full Formalternating currentClick Here
APM Full FormApplication Performance ManagementClick Here
AMD Full FormAdvanced Micro DevicesClick Here
ATX Full FormAdvanced Technology eXtendedClick Here
AR Full FormAugmented RealityClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ATA Full FormAdvanced Technology AttachmentClick Here
AGP Full FormAccelerated Graphics PortClick Here
AVR Full FormAlf-Egil Bogen Vegard Wollan RISC microcontrollerClick Here
ART Full FormAdvanced Release TechnologyClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter B

AcronymFull FormDescription
BCI Full Form  Brain Computer InterfaceClick Here
BIOS Full Form Basic Input Output SystemClick Here
BIT Full FormBusiness Information TechnologyClick Here
BIT Full FormBinary digitClick Here
BNC Full FormBayonet Neill–ConcelmanClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
BDE Full Form Borland Database EngineClick Here
BMP Full FormBitMaPClick Here
BSTC Full FormBedford Science and Technology CenterClick Here
BSTC Full FormBiomanufacturing Science and Technology ConsortiumClick Here
BSC Full FormBritish Standard CycleClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
BSC Full FormBase Station ControllerClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter C

AcronymFull FormDescription
CDROM  Full FormCompact Disc Read-Only MemoryClick Here
CCTV Full FormClosed Circuit TelevisionClick Here
C-DAC Full Form Centre for Development of Advanced ComputingClick Here
COMPUTER Full FormCommon Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational ResearchClick Here
CAD Full FormComputer Aided DesignClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CG Full Formcorporate governanceClick Here
CCNA Full FormCisco Certified Network AssociateClick Here
CMS Full FormContent Management SystemClick Here
.com Full FOrmCommercialClick Here
COM Full FormComponent Object Model Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CTP Full FormComputer-to-plateClick Here
CCNP Full FormCisco Certified Network ProfessionalClick Here
CNC Full FormComputerized Numerical ControlClick Here
CRT Full FOrmCathode Ray TubeClick Here
CNF Full FormCompressed Natural FuelClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CPL Full Form Current Privilege LevelClick Here
CBS Full FormColumbia Broadcasting SystemClick Here
CAI Full FormComputer-assisted instructionClick Here
CVV Full FormCard verification valueClick Here
CCD Full FormCharge-Coupled DeviceClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CMR Full Form Container Managed RelationClick Here
CPE Full FormCustomer Premises EquipmentClick Here
CMOS Full Formcomplementary metal-oxide semiconductorClick Here
CUI Full FormCharacter User InterfaceClick Here
CPLD Full Formcomplex programmable logic deviceClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CC Camera Full Formclosed-circuit CameraClick Here
CPU Full FormCentral Processing UnitClick Here
CVS Full FormCode Versioning SystemClick Here
CAM Full FormComputer-aided manufacturingClick Here
CLI Full FormCommand-Line InterfaceClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CMC Full FormComputer Maintenance CorporationClick Here
CCU Full FormCamera Control UnitClick Here
CDI Full FormCourse Deviation IndicatorClick Here
CDI Full FormCapacitor Discharge IgnitionClick Here
CMYK Full FormCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (black)Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CNN Full FormCable News NetworkClick Here
CFT Full FormComposite Fan TechnologyClick Here
CFT Full FormCritical Facilities TechnologyClick Here
CFT Full FormCompendium Federal TechnologyClick Here
CMM Full FormCoordinate Measuring MachineClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CMM Full FormCapability Maturity ModelClick Here
CMM Full FormCommunication Media ModuleClick Here
CMM Full FormColor Management ModuleClick Here
CMM Full FormCluster Management ModuleClick Here
CUG Full FormClosed User GroupClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
CBI Full FormComputer Based InterlockingClick Here
CCI Full FormCommon Client InterfaceClick Here
CNC Full FormComputer Numerical ControlClick Here
CRDI Full FormCommon Rail Direct InjectionClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter D

AcronymFull FormDescription
DIP Full FormDensity Independent PixelsClick Here
DDL Full FormData Definition LanguageClick Here
DC Full FormDynamic ContrastClick Here
DST Full FormDigital Signature TransponderClick Here
DCL Full FormData Control LanguageClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
DAO Full Form Data access objectClick Here
DRS Full FormDecision Review SystemClick Here
DMA Full FormDirect Memory AccessClick Here
DCP Full FormPavement Dynamic Cone PenetrometerClick Here
DOS Full FormDisk Operating SystemClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
DOS Full FormDistributed Operating SystemClick Here
DRAM Full FormDynamic random access memoryClick Here
DCS Full FormDigital Color SeparationClick Here
DLP Full FormDigital Light ProcessingClick Here
DDR Full FormDouble Data RateClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
DVR Full Formdigital video recorderClick Here
DTS Full FormDigital Theater SystemsClick Here
DIMM Full FormDual In-line Memory ModuleClick Here
DMR Full Formdesignated marksman rifleClick Here
DMR Full FormDigital rights managementClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
DOP Full FormDilution Of PrecisionClick Here
DOP Full FormDegree of ParallelismClick Here
DOP Full FormData-Oriented ParsingClick Here
DCIM Full FormDigital Camera IMagesClick Here
DVD Full FormDigital Versatile DiskClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
DSM Full FormDemand Side ManagementClick Here
DSM Full FormDistributed Shared MemoryClick Here
DSM Full FormDomain Specific ModelingClick Here
DML Full FormData Manipulation LanguageClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter E

AcronymFull FormDescription
EMISAT Full FormElectromagnetic Intelligence-gathering SatelliteClick Here
EVM Full FormElectronic Voting MachineClick Here
ECU Full Form Electronic Control Unit Click Here
ESU Full FormEnterprise service busClick Here
EPS Full FormElectric Power SteeringClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ENIAC Full FormElectronic Numerical Integrator And ComputerClick Here
EDPMS Full FormExport Data Processing and Monitoring SystemClick Here
ESD Full FormElectro-Static Discharge Click Here
EOT Full FormElectric overhead travelingClick Here
EBT Full FormElectronic benefit transferClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
EPS Full FormEvolved Packet SystemClick Here
EPS Full FormEnsemble Prediction SystemsClick Here
EDM Full FormEngineering Data Management Click Here
EDM Full FormEnterprise Desktop ManagerClick Here
ENIAC Full FormElectronic Numerical Integrator And ComputerClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ESP Full FormElectronic Stability ProgramClick Here
ESP Full FormElectroStatic PrecipitatorClick Here
ESP Full FormElectro Selective PatternClick Here
ESP Full FormEncapsulating Security PayloadClick Here
EAN Full FormEuropean Article NumberClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
EMV Full FormEuropay Mastercard and Visa,Click Here
EEPROM Full FormElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only MemoryClick Here
EDA Full FormElectronic Design AutomationClick Here
EDSAC Full FormElectronic Delay Storage Automatic CalculatorClick Here
EDVAC Full FormElectronic Discrete Variable Automatic ComputerClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
EBCDIC Eull FormExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange CodeClick Here
Esc Full FormEscape keyClick Here
EIS Full FormElectronic Image StabilizationClick Here
EPABX Full FormElectronic Private Automatic Branch ExchangeClick Here
EPABX Full FormElectronic Numerical Integrator And ComputerClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
ETD Eull FormElectronic Transfer DeviceClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter F

AcronymFull FormDescription
FTTP Full Form Fiber to the premisesClick Here
FPC Full Form flexible printed circuitClick Here
FSMO Full Form Flexible single master operationClick Here
FDD Full FormFloppy Disk DriveClick Here
FAT Full FormFile Allocation TableClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
FPS Full FormFrames Per SecondClick Here
FPS Full FormFrontal Protection SystemClick Here
FPS Full FormFast Packet Switching Click Here
FM Full FormFrequency ModulationClick Here
FM Full FormFederated States of Micronesia (TLD)Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
FRC Full FormFrame rate controlClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full Form Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter G

AcronymFull FormDescription
GUI Full FormGraphical USer InterfaceClick Here
GNU Full FormGNU’s Not UNIXClick Here
GUI Full FormGround Power UnitClick Here
GC Full Form Garbage CollectorClick Here
4G Full Form4th GenerationClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
GPIO Full FormGeneral Purpose Input/OutputClick Here
GTG Full FormGrey to GreyClick Here
GSAT Full FormGeosynchronous SatellitesClick Here
GTA Full FormGrand Theft AutoClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter H

AcronymFull FormDescription
HHD Full Form hybrid hard driveClick Here
HCL Full Form Hindustan Computers LimitedClick Here
HVAC Full FormHeating Ventilation and Air ConditioningClick Here
HDMI Full Form High Definition Multimedia InterfaceClick Here
HRX Full Form Hypothetical Reference ConnectionClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
HBA Full Form Host Bus Adapter Click Here
HEPA Full FormHigh-efficiency particulate air Click Here
HSPA Full FormHigh Speed Packet AccessClick Here
HD Full FormHigh-Definition Click Here
HDFS Full FormHadoop Distributed File SystemClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
HMI Full Form Human-Machine Interface Click Here
HDR Full FormHigh Dynamic Range Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter I

AcronymFull FormDescription
IPS Full FormIn-Plane SwitchingClick Here
ICT Full FormInformation Communications TechnologyClick Here
ITI Full FormIndusys Technology IncClick Here
ITI Full FormInfrastructure Technology InstituteClick Here
ITI Full FormImaging Technology InternationalClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
IEEE Full Form Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersClick Here
IRDA Full Form Infrared DATA AssociationClick Here
ICR Full Form Intelligent Character Recognition Click Here
iOS Full FormiPhone Operating SystemClick Here
IVR Full FormInteractive Voice ResponseClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
IUC Full FormInterconnection Usage ChargesClick Here
IDS Full FormIntrusion Detection SystemClick Here
ICA Full FormIndependent Component AnalysisClick Here
IGP Full FormIntegrated Graphics ProcessorClick Here
ICT Full FormInformation and Communication TechnologyClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
 IRNSS Full FormIndian Regional Navigation Satellite SystemClick Here
ISR Full FormInterrupt Service RoutineClick Here
IC Full FormIntegrated CircuitClick Here
IPS Full FormIntrusion Prevention SystemClick Here
IATF Full FormIndia Automation Technology FairClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
IETF Full FormInternational Engineering and Technology FairClick Here
IRC Full FormInternet Relay ChatClick Here
IUCD Full Formintrauterine contraceptive deviceupClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter J

AcronymFull FormDescription
Jpg Full FormJoint Photographic Expert GroupClick Here
JSP Full FormJava Server Page Click Here
JPEG Full FormJoint Photographic Experts GroupClick Here
JCB Full FormJoseph Cyril BamfordClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter K

AcronymFull FormDescription
KTM Full FormKineto Tracking MountClick Here
Keyboard Full Form  keys electronic yetboard operating a to z respons directlyClick Here
KB Full FormKiloByte(s)Click Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter L

AcronymFull FormDescription
LTE Full FormLong Term EvolutionClick Here
LASER Full FormLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of RadiationClick Here
LTD Full Form Laser Target Designator
Click Here
LAMP Full Form Linux Apache, Mysql, and PHPClick Here
LI FI Full Form Light FidelityClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
LNB Full Form Low Noise BlockClick Here
LSP Full FormLayered Service ProviderClick Here
LVDT Full FormLinear voltage differential transducer Click Here
LCD Full FormLiquid Crystal Display Click Here
LPC Full Form Liquid-borne Particle Counter Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
LPC Full Form Lan (local Area Network) Party CoverageClick Here
LTP Full FormLong Term ProcessingClick Here
LDPE Full FormLicensed Data Payload Encryption Click Here
LPD Full FormLine Printer DaemonClick Here
LDR Full FormLight Dependent Resistor Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
LIT Full FormLocal Implementation Team Click Here
LTD Full FormLotusworks Text DocumentClick Here
LiFi Full FormLight Fidelity Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full Form Click Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter M

AcronymFull FormDescription
MDU Full FormMulti-Dwelling UnitClick Here
MMC Full Form MultiMediaCardClick Here
MDU Full Form Multiple Distribution UnitClick Here
MFD Full FormMulti- Function DeviceClick Here
MDU Full FormModular Dispensing UnitClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MIM Full FormMobile Information Management Click Here
MS Full Form MicrosoftClick Here
MICR Full FormMagnetic Ink Character RecognitionClick Here
MCP Full FormMicro-Channel PlateClick Here
MSC Full FormMobile Switching Center Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MPIN Full FormMobile Banking Personal Identification NumberClick Here
MAC Full FormMedia Access ControlClick Here
MSI Full FormMicrosoft InstallerClick Here
MPS Full FormMulti-Processor SpecificationClick Here
MPS Full FormMailing Preference Service Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MICR Full FormMagnetic Ink Character RecognitionClick Here
Modem Full FormModulator/DemodulatorClick Here
MAP Full FormMaintenance Automation ProgramClick Here
Mbps Full FormMegabits per SecondClick Here
MCU Full FormMulti-point Control UnitClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MCU Full FormMulti-cast Conferencing UnitClick Here
MCU Full FormMain Control UnitClick Here
MPEG Full FormMoving Picture Experts GroupClick Here
 MNIST Full FormModified National Institute of Standards and TechnologyClick Here
MCCB Full FormMoulded Case Circuit BreakerClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MTB Full FormMaterials Technology and BrandClick Here
MCX Full FormMedia Center ExtenderClick Here
MTT Full FormMaterials Testing TechnologyClick Here
MTT Full FormMachine Tool TechnologyClick Here
MTT Full FormMicro Turbine TechnologyClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MIG Full FormMetal Inert GasClick Here
MIDI Full FormMusical Instrument Digital InterfaceClick Here
MODEM Full FormMODulator – DEModulatorClick Here
MPP Full FormMassively Parallel ProcessingClick Here
MRTP Full FormMaui Research and Technology ParkClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MICR Full FormMagnetic Ink Character Recognition technologyClick Here
MAN Full FormMetropolitan Area NetworkClick Here
MATLAB Full FormMatrix LaboratoryClick Here
MP3 Full FormMPEG Audio Layer 3Click Here
MS Full FormMemory StoreClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
MPCB Full FormMotor protection circuit breakerClick Here
MU Full FormMemory UnitClick Here
MDF Full FormMain Distribution FrameClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter N

AcronymFull FormDescription
NSDL Full Form National Securities Depository LimitedClick Here
NIA Full Form Network Interface AdapterClick Here
NIC Full Form Network Interface Controller Click Here
NABL Full FormNational Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration LaboratoriesClick Here
NASSCOM Full FormNational Association of Software and Service Companies Click Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
NAT Full FormNetwork Address TranslationClick Here
NVM Full FormNon-Volatile MemoryClick Here
NOS Full FormNetwork Operating SystemClick Here
NOS  Full FormNitrous Oxide SystemsClick Here
 NTSC Full FormNational Television System CommitteeClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
NCF Full FormNetwork Compatibility FileClick Here
NCF Full FormNetware Configuration FileClick Here
NCF Full FormNetware Command FileClick Here
NCF Full FormNokia Code FormatClick Here
NCF Full FormNon-conducting FilmClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
NCF Full FormNanotechnology Core FacilityClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
  Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter O

AcronymFull FormDescription
OSS Full FormOperations Support SystemClick Here
ODS Full FormOperational Data Store Click Here
OSS Full FormOpenSource SoftwareClick Here
OTP Full FormOne-Time PasswordClick Here
OCR Full FormOptical Character RecognitionClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
OLTP  Full FormOn-line Transaction ProcessingClick Here
OPC Full FormOLE for Process ControlClick Here
OLT Full Formoptical line terminationClick Here
ODF Full FormOptical Distribution FrameClick Here
ODF Full FormObject Definition FileClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
OS Full Formoperating systemClick Here
OTDR Full FormOptical Time Domain Reflectometer Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter P

AcronymFull FormDescription
PROM Full FormProgrammable Read-Only MemoryClick Here
PHP Full FormHypertext Preprocessor (earlier called, Personal Home Page)Click Here
PUBG Full Form PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsClick Here
PFA Full FormPredictive Failure AnalysisClick Here
PSU Full FormPower Supply UnitClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PDA Full FormPersonal Digital AssistantClick Here
PNG Full FormPortable Network GraphicsClick Here
PSLV Full FormPolar Satellite Launch VehicleClick Here
PPT Full FormPowerPoint PresentationClick Here
PCB Full FormPrinted Circuit BoardClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PCI Full FormPeripheral Component InterfaceClick Here
PE Full FormPreinstallation EnvironmentClick Here
PPP Full FormPoint-to-Point ProtocolClick Here
PPP Full FormPowerPoint PresentationClick Here
PC Full Formpersonal computerClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PNG Full FormPortable Network GraphicsClick Here
PST Full FormPersonal Storage TableClick Here
POD Full FormProof On DeliveryClick Here
PIP Full FormProgrammable Interconnection PointClick Here
PIP Full FormPostel’s Internet ProtocolClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PATA Full FormParallel Advanced Technology Attachment Click Here
PCM Full FormPulse code modulationClick Here
PSpice Full FormPersonal Computer Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit EmphasisClick Here
PDA Full FormPersonal Digital Assistant Click Here
PC Full FormPersonal ComputerClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PMA Full FormPressurized Mating AdapterClick Here
PAL Full FormPhase Alternating LineClick Here
PDU Full FormProgrammable Delay UnitClick Here
PDU Full Form Personal Data UnitClick Here
PIR Full Formpassive infrared sensorClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PDA Full FormPersonal Digital AssistantClick Here
PAT Full FormPerformance Acceleration Technology Click Here
PPR Full FormPipe Penetrating RadarClick Here
PACS Full Formpicture archiving and communication systemClick Here
PDO Full FormPHP Data ObjectsClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
PMU Full Formphasor measurement unit Click Here
PIN Full FormPersonal Identification NumberClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter Q

AcronymFull FormDescription
QR Full FormQuick Response CodeClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter R

AcronymFull FormDescription
RIP Full FormRouting Information Protocol Click Here
RSS Full FormReally Simple SyndicationClick Here
RADAR Full FormRadio Detection And RangingClick Here
RSA Full FormRivest, Shamir, AdlemanClick Here
ROM Full FOrmRead-Only MemoryClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
RFI Full FormRadio Frequency Interference Click Here
RAID Full FormRedundant Array of Inexpensive DisksClick Here
RO Full FormReverse OsmosisClick Here
RCH Full FormRandom Access ChannelClick Here
RAM Full FOrmRandom Access MemoryClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
RTS Full FormReal-Time Strategy Click Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FOrmClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter S

AcronymFull FormDescription
SMPS Full Form Switched-Mode Power Supply/ Switching Mode Power SupplyClick Here
SRAM Full Form Static Random Access MemoryClick Here
SOR Full Formsystem of recordClick Here
SDH  Full FormSynchronous Digital HierarchyClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
SSD  Full Form Solid State Drive Click Here
SONAR Full FormSound Navigation and Ranging Click Here
SRT Full FormStreet & Racing Technology Click Here
SMPS Full FormSwitched-Mode Power SupplyClick Here
SDRAM  Full FormSynchronous Dynamic Random Access MemoryClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
SATA  Full FormSerial Advanced Technology Attachment Click Here
SOC Full FormSystem-on-ChipClick Here
SCP Full Form Secure copy protocolClick Here
SMF Full FormStandard Midi FilesClick Here
SCM Full FormSoftware Configuration ManagementClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter T

AcronymFull FormDescription
TMC Full FormTraffic Message ChannelClick Here
TPS Full FormTransactions Per SecondClick Here
TPM Full FormTechnical Protection MeasureClick Here
FTIR Full FormFourier-transform infrared spectroscopyClick Here
TFT Full FormThin Film TransistorClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
TLB Full Formtranslation lookaside bufferClick Here
TIA Full FormTotally Integrated AutomationClick Here
TCL Full FormTool Command LanguageClick Here
TCL Full FormTransform, Clipping and LightingClick Here
TCL Full FormTransaction Control LanguageClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
TCI Full FormTurbo Sport InjectionClick Here
TDP Full FormThermal Design PowerClick Here
TRD Full FormTechnical Requirements DocumentClick Here
Full FormClick Here
Full FormClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter U

AcronymFull FormDescription
UPS Full FormUninterruptible Power SupplyClick Here
UFS Full ForUniversal Flash StorageClick Here
UNIX Full FormUniplexed Information and Computing ServiceClick Here
UTP Full FormUnshielded Twisted pairClick Here
UTF Full FormUnicode Transformation FormatClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
UNIVAC Full FormUNIVersal Automatic ComputerClick Here
UPC Full FormUnique Porting CodeClick Here
UART Full FormUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/TransmitterClick Here
ULSI Full FormUltra large scale integrationClick Here
UAPA Full FormUser/Password Authentication ProtocolClick Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter V

AcronymFull FormDescription
VCD Full Formvideo compact discClick Here
VIRUS Full FormVital Information Resources Under SeizeClick Here
VSAT Full FormVery Small Aperture TerminalClick Here
VFX Full FormVisual EffectsClick Here
VGA Full FormVideo Graphics ArrayClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
VDI Full FormVirtual Desktop InfrastructureClick Here
VLC Full FormVideo LAN ClientClick Here
VMC Full Form vertical milling centerClick Here
VDU Full FormVisual Display Unit.Click Here
VHDL Full FormVHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit) Hardware Description LanguageClick Here
AcronymFull FormDescription
VGA Full FormVideo Graphics ArrayClick Here
VGM Full FormVideo Graphics MonitorClick Here
VCR Full FormVideo Cassette Recorder Click Here
VFD Full Formvariable-frequency driveClick Here
VM Full Form virtual machine Click Here

Full Forms List of Different Technology Terms Starting With Letter W

AcronymFull FormDescription
WIFI Full FormWireless FidelityClick Here
WiMAX Full FormWorldwide Interoperability for Microwave AccessClick Here
WLAN Full Formwireless local area networkClick Here

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