What Is The Full Form Of CFL?

By | July 2, 2020

CFL Full Form or Full Form of CFL

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Full-Form Of CFL Is a Compact fluorescent lamp

cfl full form or full form of cfl
Full Form Of CFL

Some Details About CFL

CFL stands for the compact lamp. it’s an energy-saving lamp that consumes less power than the old incandescent lamps. It consists of a glass tube and two electrodes. The glass tube contains a combination of argon gas and mercury vapor and its inner surface contains a phosphor coating.


CFL has a different mechanism to supply light than incandescent lamps. In an electric-light bulb, current passes through a wire filament. It heats the filament and therefore the filament glows to provide light. In CFL, this passes through the tube containing the mixture of argon gas and mercury vapor. this activates the mercury vapor which produces ultraviolet radiation. The actinic radiation then excites the phosphor coating on the within of the tube which produces visible radiation.

Types of CFL

  • Integrated
  • Non-integrated

Integrated: In an integrated CFL, the tube, the electronic ballast, and also the bayonet fitting are combined in one, unit.

Non-integrated: during a non-integrated CFL, the electronic ballast is permanently installed within the luminaire. it’s not combined with the bulb so only the bulb is required to be changed at its end of life.

Efficient: It uses 60-80% less energy than incandescent lamps.

Durable and Cost-effective: It lasts quite ordinary bulbs and consumes less electricity, so it’s less costly within the long term.

Eco-friendly: It helps reduce CO2 emission as CFL causes less CO2 emission as compared to an electric-light bulb.

Versatile: CFLs are highly compatible and versatile. they are available in an exceeding sort of shapes, sizes, and powers to suit different home decors and purposes. you’ll be able to also easily install them in an exceeding type of lighting fixtures like table lamps, ceiling lamps, dimmer lamps, etc.

Produces less heat: It produces less heat as most of the energy is converted into visible radiation so very less converts into heat.

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