What Is The Full Form Of CIF?

By | June 30, 2020

CIF Full Form or Full Form Of CIF?

Here we are providing cif full form and other details related to CIF number Full Form or full form of cif.

Full-Form Of CIF Is a Customer Information File 

cif full form or full form of cif
Full Form Of CIF

Some Details About CIF

Full Form of CIF is Customer Information File.It is a computerized file that contains all relevant information about bank customers’ account and private details. It consolidates customer account information, purchase history, etc., and adds thereto the fundamental demographic information of the customer to form a current snapshot of a customer. it’s a comprehensive snapshot of how a customer has interacted with the bank within the past. we are able to say that it provides the business with a summary of all of the activities of a specific person. the small print are held in an electronic format. However, a CIF may also be a paper file or folder containing all the relevant documents of a customer.

  • A customer information file (CIF) may be a computerized file utilized by companies that store a customer’s personal and account information 
  • In banking, a CIF contains data like credit relationships, account ownership information, the number, and kinds of accounts owned..
  • Online retailers also create CIFs for current or potential customers supported their online product searches or purchases.

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