What Is The Full Form Of CITU?

What Is The Full Form Of CITU, CITU Full Form?

Full Form Of CITU Is Centre of Indian Trade Unions

Full Form Of CITU, What is Full Form Of CITU
Full Form Of CITU

Some Details About CITU

Centre of Indian Trade Unions, CITU is a National level Trade Union in India and its trade union wing is a spearhead of the Indian Trade Union Movement. The Centre of Indian Trade Unions is today one of biggest assembly of workers and classes of India. It has a strong unchallengeable presence in the Indian state of Tripura besides a good presence in West Bengal, Kerala and Kanpur. They have an average presence in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

It is one of the major Central Trade Unions (CTU) in India. It is politically affiliated to Communist Party of India as its trade union wing. It has a strong presence in the Indian state of Tripura and good presence in West Bengal and Kerala. In addition to these states, it has an average presence in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. As per the statistics from the Ministry of Labour, CITU had around 3,222,532 members in 2002.

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