What Is The Full Form Of DNB?

By | May 23, 2022

What Is The Full Form Of DNB ?

Full Form Of DNB Is Diplomate of National Board In Medical

Full Form Of DNB, DNB  Full Form
Full Form Of DNB

Some Details About DNB

Diplomate of National Board  may be a Post-graduate degree same as MD/MS degree awarded to the Specialist Doctors in Republic of Indiawhen completion of 3 year residency. DNB courses square measure run and also the degrees square measure awarded by the National Board of Examinations (NBE), New Delhi, associate autonomous tutorial body below the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Republic of India to the candidates on prosperous completion of their postgraduate residency. those who completed associate MD/MS program within their several subjects are eligible to look in the final DNB certification examinationtogether with regular DNB trainees.

Doctorate of National Board (DrNB) may be a post MD/MS/DNB super speciality degree awarded by north by eastit’sadmireacademic degreeof drugs (DM)Master of Chirurgiae (MCh) degrees awarded severally in medical and surgical super specialities.

In 1975, the govt. of Republic of India established the National Board of Examinations, associate autonomous organisation Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, with the prime objective of conducting postgraduate associated postdoctoral courses of high and uniform national normal in numerous disciplines of recentmedication and allied sciences on an All-India single purpose entrance basis.

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