What Is The Full Form Of GI pipes?

By | November 8, 2021

GI pipes Full Form or GI pipes Full Form

Here we are providing GI pipes full form and other details related to the GI pipes full form

Full-Form Of GI pipes Is a Galvanised Iron Pipes

GI pipes full form, full form of GI pipes
Full Form Of GI pipes

Some Details About GI pipes

Full Form of GI Pipes  is Galvanised Iron Pipes . it produced utilizing gentle steel pieces of Low Carbon Steel Coils. The strips are gone through a progression of balance moves to give them a round shape. The cut closures of the strips are then welded together by ceaselessly passing high recurrence electric flow over the edges. The welded steel pipes are then gone through estimating segments where any dimensional deviations are adjusted. The funnels are then cut into wanted lengths via programmed cutting machines. The cylinders are then weight tried for any breaks arbitrarily. The galvanization and varnishing of funnels are done according to explicit prerequisites.

GI pipes uses:

  • Water & Sewage pipes
  • Electric poles
  • Structural purposes
  • Engineering purposes
  • Automotive purposes
  • Oil and gas transmissions

Galvanized pipes product features:-

  • Higher durability and longevity
  • Weld consistency and integrity
  • Amenable to rigorous fabrication
  • Superior finish and anti – rust coating
  • Greater resistance to corrosion
  • Superior bend ability, ease of cutting and threading
  • Strict adherence to quality standards

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GI pipes

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