What Is The Full Form Of KRA?

By | July 1, 2020

KRA Full Form or Full Form Of KRA?

Full-Form Of KRA Is a Key Responsibility Area

KRA Full Form
Full Form Of KRA

Some Details About KRA

Full Form of KRA Is Key Responsibility Area . Each employee has responsibilities based on their job role. These responsibilities are called KRAs and are described in the employees Job Description document.

An employee is anticipated to perform their duties supported their job role. additionally, their work should be aligned to the requirements of their organization. the task Role identifies the staff KRAs, and therefore the Organizations define the KPIs. The mapping of the KRAs to KPIs as quantifiable statements gives employee goals.


– Allows linking of each job role to business strategy
– Top-down alignment of the organization
– Setting of unambiguous goals for employees
– Need based coaching and counseling
– Periodic measurement of outcomes
– Fair performance reviews
– Hiring employees based on organization needs

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