What Is The Full Form Of LCD?

By | June 30, 2020

Full Form Of LCD or LCD Full Form

Full-Form Of LCD Is a Liquid Crystal Display

Full Form of  LCD
Full Form Of LCD

Some Details About LCD

Full Form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. It is a flat panel display technology, mainly utilized in TVs and computer monitors, nowadays it’s used for mobile phones also. These LCDs are completely different from that old CRT displays, it uses liquid crystals rather than electron beam in its primary sort of operation.

It is a flat panel display technology, mainly utilized in TVs and computer monitors, nowadays it’s used for mobile phones also. These LCDs are completely different from that old CRT displays, it uses liquid crystals rather than electron beam in its primary sort of operation.
In LCD display, it consists of countless pixels made from crystal and arranged in an exceedingly rectangular grid. In LCD it’s backlights that provide light to every pixel. Each pixel includes a red, green, and blue (RGB) sub-pixel which will be turned on or off. When all of the sub-pixels are turned off, then it’s black and when all the sub-pixels are turned on 100%, then it’s white.

Advantages of LCD :
The main advantage of LCD is, it’s low in cost and energy efficient and really less power consumption.
LCD is thinner and lighter and really flexible.
LCD provides excellent contrast, brightness and determination, therefore the picture quality is incredibly clear sort of a crystal.
Radiation of LCD monitors are much but CRT monitors
LCDs may be suitable with CMOS integrated circuits so making of LCD is extremely easy.
It gives perfect sharpness at the native resolution
Zero geometric distortion at the native resolution of the pane
It provides various conveniences like portability as compared to previous technology based screens.
Disadvantages of LCD :
LCD require additional light sources for lighting the pixels, so if the sunshine source is destroyed then the LCD isn’t providing any image on the display.
LCD is a smaller amount reliable display.
The image visibility depends on intensity level
The ratio and backbone are fixed for LCD.
LCD has an irregular intensity scale and it produce not up to 256 discrete intensity levels.
In LCD color saturation is reduced at the low magnitude thanks to poor black-level.
LCD provide limited viewing angle, it effects the brightness. if we are watching the screen by an angle then the colour of the image is modified in our eyes.

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