What Is The Full Form Of NOC?

By | April 12, 2022

What Is The Full Form Of NOC?

Full Form Of NOC Is No Objection Certificate

Full Form Of NOC, NOC Full Form

Some Details About NOC

Popularly abbreviated as NOC is, No Objection Certificate, is a type of legal certificate issued by any agency, organization, institute, or, in certain cases, an individual. It does not object to the covenants of the certificate. The certification is a requirement at most government-based departments predominantly from the Indian subcontinent.

All Indian nationals, who are staying/working in Nepal require a NOC before flying to any third country for the first time from Nepal. The requirement for providing the NOC by the Consular Wing of the Embassy is as under:

The applicant should come personally to the Embassy with the Original Passport, original Indian Registration Certificate, along with Xerox copies of the same;
Copy of the ticket and valid visa;
Two passport size photographs;
NPR 1000/- as Consular fees for issuing the NOC.

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