What Is The Full Form Of PCS?

By | January 3, 2022

What Is The Full Form Of PCS?

Full Form Of PCS Is Personal Communication Service

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Full-Form of PCS

Some Details About PCS

At the most basic level, personal communication service (PCS) describes a set of communication capabilities that allow some combination of terminal mobility, personal mobility, and service profile management. More specifically, PCS refers to several types of wireless voice or wireless data communication systems, typically incorporating digital technology, providing services similar to advanced cellular mobile or paging services. In addition, PCS can also be used to provide other wireless communications services, including services that allow people to stay away from their home or office and receive communications, as well as homes, office buildings, And provide wireless communication to other fixed locations. Described in more commercial terms, PCS is a generation of wireless-phone technology that combines features and services available in analog and digital-cellular phone systems, providing the user with one-on-one wireless phones, paging. , Messaging, and data services.

The PCS network was first set up by an American company named “Sprint”. It was a GSM network in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Later, Sprint converted that network to CDMA technology and sold the GSM infrastructure to Omnipoint, which later become a part of T-Mobile USA.

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