What Is The Full Form Of Wi-Fi?

By | April 12, 2022

What Is The Full Form Of Wi-Fi?

Full Form Of  Wi-Fi Is Wireless Fidelity

Full Form Of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Full Form
Full Form Of Wi-Fi

Some Details About Wi-Fi 

The full meaning of Wi-Fi is “Wireless Fidelity.” It is also commonly spelled as Wi-Fi . Wi-Fi is a local wireless technology that provides high-speed level internet access using radio waves to users. There is no wired connection between the receiver and the sender by the use of a radio frequency technology. Wi-Fi registered trademark is owned by Wi-Fi Alliance.

This organization simply defines Wi-Fi as any wireless local area network (WLAN) product that is based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ standards. It allows a computer and other devices to communicate over the wireless network. Wi-Fi was first developed and released to the public in 1997.

Wi-Fi  Radio Spectrum : The Wi-Fi radio spectrums are not consistent worldwide like, for example, the United States uses 2.4 GHz ISM band, Australia and Europe allow for an additional two channels for the 2.4 GHz band and Japan allows three more channels.

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